Alternate Devices Vectis

Alternate Devices LLC is a Philadelphia-based startup that aims to simplify accessible technology. Our first product offering permits a user to interact with computers, smartphones, and tablets using their feet or other extremities, with a platform-agnostic and simple to use interface for engaging in activities including browsing the web and playing games.


No software required

The Vectis is a pressure-sensitive device that responds to a variety of gestures. Each input can be easily assigned to common activity-centric actions, which are communicated to an attached device through USB or Bluetooth.

Touch and go

The Vectis is designed to "just work." It is compatible with any Windows, macOS, or Linux computer, as well as Android phones and tablets, and the iPhone and iPad, with wireless battery-powered operation. "Zero configuration" templates allow the device to be easily set up for common activities.

Web-based configuration

The configuration system may be accessed by any WiFi-capable device. Just connect to the designated WiFi network and open a web browser from any device to start customizing the system. No software or drivers are required - the app is built in and ready to be used right away.

Durable design

Available in a lightweight triple-bar design (as seen in the video above), as well as a durable, all-machined enclosure capable of being mounted.

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