Introducing the Outrigger

The Outrigger is an alternative input device capable of controlling a computer, smartphone, or tablet. It provides a means to operate almost any application using the feet, and can be easily customized to streamline interaction with a wide variety of applications.

The Outrigger

No software required

The Outrigger is a pressure-sensitive device that responds to a variety of gestures. Each input can be easily assigned to common activity-centric actions, which are communicated to an attached device through USB or Bluetooth.

Ruggedized design

The durable, all-machined enclosure is one of several aspects that makes the Outrigger specifically engineered to withstand the toughest field conditions. Reliably and repeatably provide hands-free input to a wide range of devices.

Touch and go

The Outrigger is designed to "just work." It is compatible with any Windows, macOS, or Linux computer, as well as Android phones/tablets and the iPhone and iPad. "Zero configuration" templates allow quick deployment to control common apps.

Web-based configuration

From templates to fine-grained control, the behavior of the Outrigger can be preconfigured or field-configured on the fly to automate repetitive actions. All of this is done through a standard web page accessible through a WiFi Access Point integrated into the device. A non-wireless (Ethernet) option is available.

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